Wednesday, July 25, 2007

California or Bust

The Thomas Clan just returned from our first big family vacation. We went with my sister, Lorissa, her husband Doug, my brother-in-law Travis and two more friends, Katie and Missy, to Oceanside, California. Last Thursday night, around 6:30pm, we packed the kids up and went to meet up with the rest of the crew. We made it into Oceanside around 1:30am. The drive went off with out a hitch. The boys slept and there were no major tantrums or breakdowns. Thus making it possible to start our vacation off stress free - a little tired - but not stressed out. We stayed with a great friend, Mike Kelly. It was so great of him to open up his apartment to all of us. He lives about two blocks from the beach, where we spent the majority of our time - that is in between naps and eating. The boys loved it. Aidan took a couple naps at the beach and Jacob had so much fun playing in the sand and water. Aidan's favorite pastime - eating sand. I guess California sand is delicious, who knew. We packed up and headed back home on Monday. Cody and I decided to test the waters and drive home during the day. We left just after lunch, right before nap time in hopes of the boys sleeping a good chunk in the afternoon before stopping for dinner. We were very lucky to have two great boys! Aidan did have a few bouts of crying, but Jacob did awesome!! And he was the one I was more worried about. We made it home by 8:45pm, all in one piece and again, not stressed out. Success!! So, to sum it up - we had a really great vacation and I am not nearly as nervous about traveling with the boys. Our next adventure . . . .maybe Boston next summer . . .will we be brave enough to test out flying? You'll have to wait and see . . .

Aidan sees the ocean for the first time

Jacob tests out the water for the first time

Naps are always more relaxing on the beach

Jacob having a blast in the sand

Jacob and Mama laughing it up in the water - Jacob kept trying to put his salty hand in my mouth and thought it was hysterical

Aidan figuring out what sand is all about

Is it for exfoliating?

My cute boys playing together

Jacob playing - Aidan eating

Aidan's first taste of pizza crust - loved it!

Jacob's silly smile!

All the guys: (l-r)
Uncle Doug, Aidan, Cody, Jacob and Uncle Travis

The crew: (l-r)
Uncle Doug, Aunt Riss, Cody, Jacob, Ang, Aidan, Mike, Missy, Uncle Travis and Katie

The girls: (l-r)
Missy, Lorissa, Katie and Me

The Thomas Family


E&K said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! I love all the beach pics. We are taking our first family vacation (one that doesn't involve visiting family, friends, etc) to Florida in October. We are also looking forward to some good beach time with the girls. Glad you had a good time!

Knights said...

What great pictures! I bet it was hard to choose from the many that you took :-) I am SO glad that you guys were able to come with us. I had so much fun with you, the boys and Cody. It couldn't have been more perfect!