Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Christmas Tradition

For the past several years, we get together with my family (The Davis side) and decorate my parents tree. Last night was the night. We celebrated my moms birthday and then had fun decorating the tree. Jacob had more fun pulling the decorations off - but that's OK - he was having fun.
Here is the group! Uncle Doug, Aunt Lorissa, Ang, Aidan, Cody and Jacob

Me helping Jacob put an ornament on the tree - of which he yanked right off!

Aidan's First Christmas

Aidan hanging his very first ornament!

A very special present under the tree . . .

Mommy and Jacob

Me and my boys!


The Process said...

Y'all look fabulous! So happy to see you all healthy and at home. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Ryss said...

It is a great tradition! I love your blog. . . eventhough I see you all the time I still love to see what its going to say:-)